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Conceived – Labradorite by Gayle Bird for KDX


“Conceived” is a spiritual piece that flows and bends, bringing all the shapes into one beautiful statement. The cabochon labradorite Gayle used in this piece is stunning. Displaying all the beautiful colors of a true beauty. The spellbinding charm in the heart of the piece allows you to gain clarity.
Over a billion years of extreme heat and pressure has creates this gorgeous collection of one-of-a-kind gems. Showcasing each of these fire-ignited labradorite is a bezel of sterling, with a swirl of wire, carefully hand wrapped by the renowned artist, metalsmith and published author, Gayle Bird.
Each piece is carefully packaged with a signed “Authenticity card” by the artist.
We are sure that our custom designed Labradorite Pendants will be one of your favourite go-to pieces.



SKU: kdxgb001 Category: Product ID: 25537


Sterling silver and labradorite. Chain included.

KDesign Jewellery Studio