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Our Story

My very first job after graduation was working in a jewellery kiosk in the mall. I remember having this unbelievable feeling of knowing I was doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. I’d found my calling! 

From that very moment I fell in love with jewellery and everything about it. I went to the library and borrowed every book I could find about gold and diamonds, and I pored over those books. I studied them passionately. I simply had to know it all. 

For many, many years, I worked in and managed jewellery stores for others while building relationships with customers and suppliers across Canada. I honed my skills and learned to understand exactly what jewellery clients desired, and in response I offered them sound, honest advice on jewellery purchases and repair work.

In 2010, after a life-altering car accident, I started on a journey of independence from corporate living. My eyes and my mind opened to the possibilities of starting my own jewellery business. Inspired by my beautiful clients and holding onto my passion for exceptional quality and service, I began KDesign Studio.

And I haven’t looked back.

In building KDesign Studio, I brought together some of the most talented minds and masters of their trade in Atlantic Canada. Combining their skills and decades of goldsmithing experience with my knowledge of diamonds and understanding of our clients, we are Kreating magical, one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality pieces that will be passed down through the generations.

When you come to us for a Kustom design, we work with you one-on-one to listen, feel, and find your passion. Then we masterfully craft your Kustom jewellery, infusing it with our skill and your spirit while bringing your vision to life. When your piece is perfect, we carefully and lovingly package it along with a signed card of authenticity.

Trust KDesign Studio to be your go-to, family jeweller for all of your special events. We’ll help you Kreate memories that will last generations. 

With love and great respect,

Kim Boudreau and the Kreative Team

Through the years

2010 In the Beginning
Kreative Design Founded

Kreative Design began as a little lady’s boutique in …my living room?! The boutique took over the whole upstairs of our home. So much fun! I always had beautiful women with impeccable taste on my side, ready to model and shop. I couldn’t believe how great the shop was doing, and it was in my living room. I was getting the itch to move. We were out-growing our home and neighbourhood. And there was so much more I wanted to do! But… could I make it in the real world?

2012 Sydney River Location
Back of the Plaza

I knew it was time. So in May 2012, I took the leap of faith and rented a storefront at the back of the Sydney River Plaza.

At the BACK of the plaza. What the hell was I thinking! Who would ever find us?

But our new location was PERFECT to showcase our unique fashions and styles… so we did. Every wall in our new shop was perfect for highlighting our fashions. Photographers were calling ME asking to use our space! It was a win-win.

For six years, Kreative Design flourished at the back of the Value Check Plaza. We carried fashion accessories from around the world, with a focus on local and Canadian designers. But it still wasn’t enough for me.


2015 Jewellery Repair
Custom Design & Jewellery Repair

With my previous experience managing jewellery stores for other people, I knew what clients wanted. I was doing watch straps and batteries on site, but jewellery repairs were being sent away for work, just like most of the other stores on the island. I wanted to be equipped to offer ALL work on site. I had a big dream and a lifelong passion to offer full-service jewellery repair and design.

So in 2015, I hired a goldsmith and an apprentice goldsmith, and between us we began creating custom designs and executing jewellery repairs… ALL ON SITE! Right here in Cape Breton!

By 2018, we were chosen to continue honouring Mike Alteen's warranty and repair work for their clients. 

2019 Front Shop Move
Value Check Plaza

Planned for months, the newest and best location of all was executed: the FRONT of the Value Check Plaza in Sydney River! What has always set Kreative Design apart from our competition is our unique shopping atmosphere. Because we started in my home, I strive to keep that comfortable relaxed feel for our clients, and that translated into every choice I made – from wall colour to flooring. 

2022 Moving Forward
Focus on Jewellery

It’s 2022, and we’re releasing custom jewellery lines every few months. We have goldsmiths, jewellers, and fashion consultants on staff. Our jewellery is packaged and branded fully. 

We can design, repair, kreate anything you can imagine!

KDesign Jewellery Studio