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Gifts with meaning

What is the one word that evokes tears and laughter, memories and hope? Family. Hold your family close to your heart with personalized jewellery created just for you and your loved ones. Family - whether by blood or by choice - is meant to be celebrated.

About Kinship

Hold your family close to your heart.

Family is the most important thing in our lives. From blood relatives to chosen family, your closest circle is what makes you feel safe, comfortable, and secure. We often want to celebrate our kin with gifts, especially around specific holidays such as mother’s day, father’s day, Christmas and birthdays. But family should be celebrated year-round! 

Gifts with meaning

Family jewellery is designed using birthstones to represent family members, and it’s often created to be updated as your family grows, with space for more birthstones. KDesign Kinship jewellery uses modern or traditional precious stones in its gold line, with traditional semi-precious stones in silver. 

We’ve built our modern KDesign Kinship line to declare your familial love using bling! Celebrate your family with Daughter’s pride, Family Rings, Dad pendants, Hug rings, Nana jewellery, Mother-Daughter pendants, Sibling love necklaces, and more. Available in sterling silver and 10kt or 14kt gold in rose, white, and yellow. 

Our special line includes a line suitable for the dads, grandpas and brothers in your life, such as chunky, masculine DAD pendants and rings. Start your Family Ring and add each additional stone for only $50 for each additional stone for life. 

Kinship is a gift with meaning. Whether we set a birthstone, engrave a name or precious quote, or personalize the design to match your relationship, Kinship will be an heirloom piece for life. 

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